To parents who have lost a child...

The "Pay it Forward" Angel card was created to help families honor and pay tribute to a son or daughter who is no longer with us.

We'll design and print either 50, 100, or 250 Angel cards for you. At the bottom, we briefly explain the purpose of the card - to be a tangible reminder for people to spread goodwill to others. In essence, a "Pay it Forward" card - to encourage men and women to pass it on with an act of kindness, and for this loving ripple effect to spread far and wide.


The idea is simple:

1) Look for ways to spread kindness to others in your own town, random or otherwise. Go out and do something to brighten someone's day. Your unexpected act of kindness can be anything, big or small.


2) People will most likely want to remain anonymous. No problem, just leave your Angel card behind. The surprised recipient will read how we'd like to encourage them to pass it on, and "pay it forward" to someone else. And on... And on...


An Angel card passed on today may still be traveling several years from now, helping to create smiles everywhere it ends up.


The Angel card investment:

50 cards - $30

100 cards - $40

250 cards - $50

Depending on the amount of cards ordered, between $15 - $20 is left over, and this is what we are using as a mini fundraiser for the expenses associated with The Pay it Forward Effect campaign.  By being part of this program, along with paying tribute to your child, you are also supporting what's needed to keep this campaign going strong around the country.


Please contact us if you have lost a son / daughter, and would like to honor him or her in this way.  Feel free to share this program with any other parent who has gone through the heartbreak of losing a child.  

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