Global School Initiative!

As the Founder of The Pay it Forward Effect, I am proud to announce our upcoming project. On January 1st 2022, we will launch, "The Pay it Forward Effect - Global School Initiative!"

In an effort to make a positive difference worldwide, we invite any principal, teacher, student, parent, coach, librarian, school bus driver, etc. to join us.

The plan is quite simple. To encourage others to reach out and "Pay it Forward" with an act of genuine kindness, we have created and printed kindness cards. We mail these to anyone in the U.S. (Digital download option available for our international participants.)

Your 10 cards should arrive in your mailbox within 7 - 10 days. When you have a good opportunity, and you feel the time is right, pass on one of your cards with an act of kindness. Your thoughtful act could be secretive, or not. It's up to you.

You could start this yourself privately, or, if you're a teacher, you could make this a class initiative. Maybe for 30 days, or for the entire school year. This could possibly become a part of your class culture for many years.

In deciding how to implement this idea, you might decide to give a card to any student who would like to participate. Or, a nice way to get others to work together, you could decide as a class how to go about passing on one card each week, or each month. Have your students brainstorm different ideas. Whether you're a teacher or parent, you're completely in control of how you go about all of this.

One question that has come up recently... "This is wonderful and I can't wait to get my class started. Do the cards need to stay within my school?" No. The "Pay it Forward" idea is a beautiful concept, and it should not be limited by boundaries. The cards were created because kindness is contagious. It's meant to be passed on. A card you pass on may end up across town, or 2,000 miles away someday.

When other people begin to realize the impact they can make with this initiative, it's our hope that the younger generation will intentionally begin looking outside themselves and asking, "How can I help make someone's day today?"

TO GET STARTED - please send an email to us for your 10 cards. Your starter pack also includes tips and suggestions for class implementation, and an FAQ section.



With gratitude,

Dustin and team

P.S. If you want to start with more than 10 cards, as mentioned above, we have a digital version available. We HIGHLY recommend having your cards printed on 12pt. card stock or thicker. A durable card will last longer. Any copy / print shop can easily do this for a relatively low cost.