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Thank you for visiting our website. This site is dedicated to those who have gotten behind The Pay it Forward Effect, a worldwide kindness campaign that started on March 27th, 2018.  With your support, this idea will only gain more momentum, and make an even bigger impact around the globe.



What this movement is all about...

In an effort to create a little more joy around the world, we have created a fun and inspiring campaign to encourage random acts of kindness. We've designed and printed a "Pay it Forward" card; the size of a business card. Anyone, anywhere, can join our campaign and participate.


1) The idea is simple - Look for ways to spread kindness to others in your own community, whether random or otherwise. Go out and do something to brighten someone's day. Your act of kindness can be anything, big or small.


2) People will most likely want to remain anonymous to the recipient. No problem, just leave the card behind. He or she will read what's on the back of the card and how we'd like to encourage them to pass it on and "pay it forward" to someone else.


With word spreading, we're averaging over 100 people each week requesting our Pay it Forward cards. Each one is numbered. Who knows - if you join us, one of YOUR cards may end up circulating for a year or more and positively impacting dozens of people during its travels!


Want to get involved?  Send us your mailing address by contacting us above. We'll send a few Pay it Forward cards for you to get started. (There's no cost to participate)

To a better world,

Dustin and Stephanie Metzler

Algonquin, Illinois, USA

P.S.  We mail worldwide. However, at this time our card wording is limited to the English language.

























Here is a conversation that was recently emailed to us from a mom and her teenager, beautifully illustrating the impact we can all have...

"Hi Pay it Forward friends! I thought you would enjoy hearing about the conversation I had with my 13 year old son over the weekend. LOVE this campaign!!!


Sam: "So when these cards are passed on, they can go anywhere? Like out of our state?"


Me: "Yup, there's no limit in regards to boundaries."


Sam: "Is there an expiration date? 


Me: "Nope."

Sam: "The good deeds and card could keep going, huh?"

Me: "That's right."


Sam: "So by doing just one act of kindness and passing this card on, you could be helping set up future acts of kindness wherever this card goes around the country, and it could still be happening years from now?"


Me: "You got it!"


Sam - after a moment of contemplation... "Man, that's awesome."


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